Brazil: another dam rupture and insecurity for the population

Brazil: another dam rupture and insecurity for the population

Another dam collapsed in the northeast of the state of Bahia, Brazil. At the moment there is no information on victims.

According to the Civil Defense of the Pedro Alexandre municipality, Quati, as in previous cases, the water mixed with the earth, forming a kind of mud that invaded everything, leaving the population isolated.

The dam was built by the state government. According to the government of Bahia, the dam was built by the Regional Development and Action Company, linked to the State, and delivered in November 2000 to the Association of Residents of the Community of Quati. It is a small structure, with less than 200 hectares, and it does not even meet the requirements of the National Dams Law.

It was made of brackish water and was used for fishing. The water has already reached the municipality of Coronel João de Sá, on the banks of the Peixe River, on the border with Sergipe, where hundreds of people had to leave their homes.

Brazil has already suffered several dam ruptures and the Movement of People Affected by Dams, MAB, has denounced with emphasis in the last period: the population that lives near the dams does not live safely and does not even have information about the real conditions of the structures.

The dams in the country do not have the necessary supervision, putting life at risk. There are already several cases in which the rupture of a dam has ended in a collapse, as happened now (July 11) in the district of Quati, Mariana (2017) and Brumadinho (January 2019).

The MAB understands that, due to the conditions of lack of supervision, Brazilian dams are like “time bombs”: the dam that collapsed in Bahia had not been classified as a risk, like the dams in Minas Gerais (Mariana and Brumadinho) who killed so many people and destroyed two rivers, Doce and Paraopeba.

The Movement of People Affected by Dams calls for the construction of local Security Plans that make it possible to avoid tragedies in cases of rupture. Even in the state of Bahia, the MAB has already requested a State Policy that guarantees the rights of the affected populations, so far without significant progress. We also understand the importance of the implementation of the National Policy on the Rights of the Affected (PNAB), recently approved in the Chamber and which is being debated in the Senate.

Historically, MAB fights in defense of life and the environment. It is absurd that dam breaks have become so frequent and are treated by the authorities in a trivial way.

Our solidarity with the people of Bahia!

Movement of People Affected by Dams

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