Beer made from recycled bread now wants to reach the United States

Beer made from recycled bread now wants to reach the United States

The large amount of food that ends up in the garbage every day is one of the great problems of today. Millions of tons are wasted and, worst of all, they could feed dozens of countries that suffer from hunger.

There are enterprises that try to give a new use to food that we are no longer going to use. One of them is Toast, a London brewery that uses recycled bread to make its beers.

This product, which was launched last year, uses leftovers from bakeries and restaurants to make it. The bread is combined with the malted barley, hops, yeast and water until the result that has been praised in matters of sustainability is obtained.

The best thing is that, along with giving a new use to the bread that is no longer used, the profits obtained from this product go entirely to charitable organizations.

Now, and after the success that the beer has had, its creators intend to take their star product to the United States, specifically, New York. in fact, they launched a campaign to raise funds to complete their project.

"New York bakeries are calling us to make beer with their surplus bread. This campaign would guarantee our capacity to produce a hundred barrels of beer in New York, with that, we have a great social business in our hands", explain the managers.

If you want to collaborate and allow this venture to continue expanding, you can enter this link.

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