Old factory transformed into Urban Garden

Old factory transformed into Urban Garden

The project mixes urban transformation, architecture, agriculture and different cultural expressions in a recovered space of 2,100 square meters. Most of the Chinese cities being super populated and with great problems of pollution and supply are resorting to the construction of green roofs, investing in renewable energy and all kinds of technology that can make life in these cities more sustainable. Certainly the possibility of providing community fresh food, produced in a sustainable way is also a priority in this scenario.

Much of the existing structure was reused, albeit with a look to increase outdoor space and functions. The area is divided into several small nuclei. The terraces were built with the old bricks, allowing to make terraces of different heights and therefore different depths so that the population has a greater variety of crops.

It is also used so that people have access to techniques and information on how to make urban gardens in the city, the exchange of seeds and experiences with other urban gardens is promoted.

In addition to achieving a site of great beauty and adding green to the local landscape, the project has a natural pond and the use of groundwater for irrigation. The farm exalts the idea of ​​self-sufficiency and has a high cultural value, which serves as a space for community integration, through cultivation and also holding events that promote exchange with the community.

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