Welcome to the first town built with plastic bottles

Welcome to the first town built with plastic bottles

By Laura Stretched

"The whole planet is saturated with plastics ... Everything? No! An ecovillage populated by irreducible recyclers still and always resists PET containers". With this motto as his flag, the Canadian-Asterix Robert Bezeau is building the first town built entirely with plastic bottles on the paradisiacal Caribbean island of Bocas del Toro, in Panama. A green dream to show the world that yes, it is possible, to reduce the pollution of our seas. His project, for the moment, is going to "remove from circulation" more than one million toxic cans.

Bezeau came to the island several years ago. Since 2012 he has led a group of volunteers in charge of cleaning the beaches of all the filth that the waves bring. "We have more than a million bottles collected during the last year and a half," says the ideologue of the project in a video posted on Vimeo that you can see below. The recycling program was a breath of fresh air for the residents of the islands and many tourists who visit them annually.


‘Plastic Bottle Village’ is erecting 120 buildings with walls filled with plastic bottles. With hollow iron structures to house containers and concrete, ecological walls are developed, as resistant as they are light, and are earthquake-proof (common in the area).

A 100-meter house with two bedrooms recycles a staggering 14,000 bottles and also achieves an excellent indoor temperature 17 degrees cooler than outside.

The architects working with Bezeau have designed three models of houses, which are delivered with all the plumbing and electrical installation. The price? Between 149,000 and 300,000 dollars (between 137,000 and 275,000 euros).

Works are going from strength to strength on 83 acres of virgin land with mountains, valleys and streams. The residential nucleus will also have a small hostel, gardens and a pavilion where to practice yoya, for example.


It is the first time that an entire town is based on this concept, although in Honduras there are already experiences with bottles in the construction of houses, schools and even bus stops.


Bezeau has also set up an educational center where he transmits his particular construction technique. "We will be living within what we have consumed and thrown away. These recycled bottles could neutralize the negative effect of their life on Earth, and we will be able to leave our‘ footprints ’with this gesture of helping the planet."

"I want the world to realize that we can reuse plastic bottles in many other options. In addition to insulation for the home, it can be used to make temporary shelters after a natural disaster, animal farms, swimming pools, land drainage, barns , wineries, roads ... ", assures this visionary.

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