The relationship between nature and mathematics that will surprise you

The relationship between nature and mathematics that will surprise you

Just looking at our surroundings, we find the harmonious language of mathematics.

If we carefully observe the forms and relationships in nature, we can see the perfection in the different geometric shapes and we can also notice the mathematics in some numbers printed -for example- on the wings of butterflies, what do they mean? Now we will know.

The divine proportion

The petals of the flowers - for the most part - have a perfect symmetry, similar to others in nature such as the shell of a snail, mineral crystals and even our galaxy.

This symmetry is called the "divine proportion", "golden number" or "golden number". It is a very recurring number in some patterns of nature and we cannot believe that it is a whim or a coincidence.

In Latin this is represented by the Greek letter phi (1,618 = ratio of its greater side to its lesser side) and it is a unique and harmonically aesthetic code.

In simpler terms, it would be the proportion that segment AB must have with respect to BC to be equal to the proportion between AB and AC.

It is also known that different parts of the human body keep this proportion, including the first phalanx of the finger with the second and this with the third. Likewise, the navel divides the height of the body in the golden ratio.

It is also said that the most beautiful faces are those that keep this symmetrical proportion, which is a beauty that lasts throughout all time.

You can also see this "divine proportion" in ancient and architectural pieces of art. According to some historians, the Egyptians believed that the golden ratio was sacred, so they used it in the construction of temples and mausoleums.

In nature this number appears in the most unexpected places, such as in the hive of bees, in the form of growth of some plants or in the spirals of some snails.

The spiral design is common in nature. In addition to the shell of snails, it is found in water eddies, in the turbulence of smoke from a chimney, in the horns of a mountain goat or in the order of matter in galaxies and this phenomenon is independent of tissue or material. who is involved in the process.

"... what is most surprising about divine proportion is a naturally occurring phenomenon."

Perhaps what is most surprising about divine proportion is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is expressed in the arrangement of the branches along the stems of the plants and the veins of the leaves. It can be seen in the skeletons of animals and humans and in the branching of their veins and nerves. It can even be seen in the proportions of chemical compounds and the geometry of the crystals.

As a result of its unique properties, this golden number is associated by many with something sacred or divine and as a doorway to a deeper understanding of beauty and spirituality in life, largely revealing a hidden harmony.

The butterflies "88" and "89"

There are about 165,000 species of butterflies in the world, but only one as particular as the so-called "butterfly 88" precisely because it has this number "tattooed" on its wings.

Its scientific name would be Lepidoptera Diaethia clymena, better known as the "Butterfly 88", however no one ever knew what this expression means and it is merely taken as a curiosity or a funny fact.

There are many studies that have been done around this beautiful butterfly that we can find in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil or Guatemala. It is a genetic pattern of this species from the Nymphaliade family, which gives it this number on its wings. But there is an even more curious fact: this genetic peculiarity can sometimes lead to the number 89.

In many countries, finding this species of butterflies with numbers is a sign of good fortune, since the number 8 is associated - in many cultures - with good luck. But even better to find butterfly 89 as this would double the good omens.

Spheres, spirals, hexagons, numbers, are just some examples of the forms that nature is capable of creating without the need for a ruler, compass or calculator.

Without a doubt, nature is very wise and is much older than human beings. Therefore all the patterns that are repeated in living beings come from their own essence and have a correspondence, because in the end, everything is interconnected.

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