Sepp Holzer: The Agrarian Rebel

Sepp Holzer: The Agrarian Rebel

Sepp Holzer, is a friendly Austrian farmer, who has achieved a revolution in permaculture in his own way, integrating existing knowledge with his own research and observations of the environment as we had already talked about Emilia and her synergistic agriculture, now it is Holzer's turn , who in addition to being a great permaculturist, is also dedicated to teaching, started with his neighbors and currently gives courses in several countries in Europe, like Fukuoka the first permaculturist, Holzer started with a land that we would consider of little or no agricultural value , demonstrating that permaculture is capable of curing the earth and obtaining crops from the stones, to learn a little more about this friendly farmer we share this documentary today, where Holzer does not teach his permaculture first-hand.

The central focus of Holzerian Permaculture is the regeneration and healing of lands and landscapes through the construction of spaces capable of retaining water. This in turn allows a decentralization of access to resources, such as water itself or energy. The spaces are created with materials of local origin that will later capture the rainwater, allowing it to be stored underground, improving the water balance in a generalized way. In this way the desertification process can be slowed down, minimizing the risk of forest fires and floods, whose damage to humans, animals and nature in general is enormous.

Once the water balance has been established, it is possible to plant a mixed forest or cultivate fruit and vegetable biotopes in abundant and sufficient quantities for the maintenance of human beings (the measures applied range from the regeneration of the soil with colonizing plants, with vegetable communities and by means of a symbiotic interaction between plants and animals, until the creation of mixed cultures in elevated plants).

Sepp Holzer teaches how this knowledge can be applied in all parts of the world. According to him, what we have to do is “re-learn to think in a natural way” and “read the book of Nature”, that is to say, carefully observe the processes of nature, understand the interdependencies and learn to direct it in such a way , that natural cyclical systems and self-sustaining systems can develop again.

Video: Sepp Holzers perennial grain at Paul Wheatons Laboratory Farm (September 2021).